Sparkling Champagne Small Honeycomb Veriglass

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Sparkling Champagne Small Honeycomb Veriglass
Simple and contemporary, these tumbler style glasses highlight vibrant color waxes and amazing fragrances.?Now updated with a new look and an embellished bronze metal lid, our Large Honeycomb Veriglass?is made with Root's proprietary natural beeswax blend using fragrances containing essential oils?and an all-natural cotton wick. The Large 10.5 oz. Honeycomb Veriglass candle comes in 42 luxurious fragrances. *Upcycle Tip - Use your clean, empty Veriglass and lid to store bathroom essentials such as cotton balls, cotton swabs, and makeup brushes. Made in Medina, Ohio USA. FRAGRANCE: Sparkling Champagne FRAGRANCE TYPE: Gourmand FRAGRANCE DESCRIPTION: Named after the French region where these special grapes are grown, Champagne has become the quintessential celebratory beverage. Effervescence with notes of orange zest, peach nectar and ozonics complement the berry and pear subtleties. COLOR: Ivory BURN TIME: Up to 44 Hours

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