Two URBANfusion Brands Partner with Autism Awareness Charities this April

19th Apr 2017

April is Autism Awareness Month. At a time when one in every 68 children in America is diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder, it is critical to foster understanding of how this complex neurodevelopmental disorder affects everyone differently. To that end, two brands carried by URBANfusion, PANDORA and Wind & Fire, have partnered with two organizations that promote autism awareness and acceptance.

PANDORA and the Autism Cares Foundation

The Autism Cares Foundation, a non-profit group which was founded by two Pennsylvania parents who had a child with autism, as well as concerned parents and professionals in their community. The organization focuses primarily on providing life enrichment activities for local children and adults with special needs. Through donations from generous individuals, they are able to host these activities at little or no cost to families. The Autism Cares Foundation recently began offering specialized services to adults with autism through their Adult Services Division, which includes a day habilitation program. This program teaches adults essential skills to enable them to live more independently and to gain a better understanding of social situations.

Together, PANDORA and the Autism Cares Foundation created a charm that any parent or grandparent who has a child with autism would be proud to wear this unique PANDORA jewelry piece. The simple silver dangle charm will easily fit on any bracelet. The charm itself is round with the Autism Cares Foundation logo featured in full color and surrounded by a border of small silver beads.

Wind & Fire and Autism Speaks

Wind & Fire, a jewelry company which regularly partners with charitable organizations, joined forces with Autism Speaks. This nationally recognized group has worked to promote awareness of autism, as well as to fund research to gain a better understanding of what causes autism. Additionally, they partner with local communities to help provide support for individuals with autism and their families.

The bracelet that Wind & Fire designed is in their signature style, available in both silver and gold tones. The dangling charm features an enameled, multi-colored puzzle piece, which represents the complexity and diversity of individuals with this disorder. A portion of the proceeds from sales on this bracelet will go directly to Autism Speaks.

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