Relax with Root Candles’ Fragrance of the Month: Lavender!

3rd May 2018

Root Candles has announced that lavender will be their Fragrance of the Month for May. At URBANfusion, you can buy the best scented candles online.

These Might “Bee” the Best Candles in America!

Root Candles was founded by the famous “Root” family of beekeepers back in 1869. This family-owned company has handcrafted beeswax candles for five generations! Their beautiful candles are renowned for complex bouquets of subtle fragrances made with essential oils.

Fragrant and Stylish

This brand doesn’t just delight your nose — it’s also a feast for the eyes! Root Candles boasts sophisticated color palettes and gorgeous candle holders. For example, their English Lavender Small Honeycomb Veriglass Candle is a stunning royal purple with a natural cotton wick. Its tumbler-style glass features an embellished bronze metal lid with a honeycomb pattern.

The Earthy and Sweet Scent of English Lavender

English Lavender blooms from spring to early summer. This plant is knowns for its precious indigo flowers and sweet fragrance. Root Candles’ English Lavender scent combines the earthy essence of a freshly-bloomed lavender plant with hints of chamomile, thyme, and sheer musk. The English Lavender Hive Candle offers 90 hours of this relaxing fragrance.

Soothe Your Anxieties with Lavender

Since ancient times, lavender has developed a reputation as a healing plant, used in cooking, skin care, and even clearing up infections. Romans added lavender oil to their baths, so many people still think of lavender as a “clean” aroma. The scent of lavender is associated with calm and relaxation. People use this fragrance to deepen sleep, ease anxiety, and relieve stress. If you are having a tough day, it might help to light a lovely lavender candle.

Brighten Up Your Life Wherever You Go

Does traveling stress you out? Many people experience restlessness and insomnia when they’re far from home. The next time you go on the road, it might help to bring an English Lavender Honeycomb Traveler. This adorable candle is kept in a convenient and durable bronze tin. Plus, even though this travel-sized candle is only 4 oz., it burns for up to 24 hours!

Explore Our Selection of Root Candles

Are you excited to experience the relaxing fragrance of English Lavender or one of Root’s other natural scents? Check out our online store! At URBANfusion, you can shop online for brands like PANDORA , Wind & Fire, UNO de 50, along with all of our exciting household items.



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