Pixie Mood: Fashion with Compassion

11th Apr 2018

Pixie Mood creates chic handbags and accessories that are inspired by the latest runway trends. The best thing about these playful, luxury items? They’re totally cruelty-free.

A Vegan-Friendly Brand

Animal lovers Chloe and Kelvin founded Pixie Mood and promised to never harm animals while making their products. Their PETA-approved items use cute and fun alternatives to leather and fur. This brand’s vegan leather is crafted from Polyurethane, which is more eco-friendly than other synthetic leathers and won’t crack in cold winter weather. Their faux-fur, meanwhile, is soft and luxurious for winter fashionistas but 100% cruelty-free.

What Inspires Pixie Mood Handbags?

Co-founder and Creative Director Chloe travels the world to find ideas for Pixie Mood handbags, drawing inspiration from unexpected items like furniture, stationery, clothing, and of course, the latest European runways!

Make a Statement

Pixie Mood uses fun patterns, unique shapes, and fascinating textures to make their luxury handbags pop. These awesome items are definite statement pieces! Pixie Mood designers often incorporate cork into their designs, which is 100% biodegradable and made from Cork Oak Trees. While exploring their selection of handbags, you may also discover:

  • Playful Fringe
  • Charming Woven Patterns
  • Stunning Ombre
  • Colorful Canvas

Lots of Cute Colors

This brand’s unique bags come in gorgeous colors that you are sure to love: shimmery Holographic, delicate Smokey Blue, brilliant Raspberry, elegant Ivory, and much more!

The Perfect Bag Wherever You Go

Pixie Mood handbags are designed to go where you do. Bring roomy, stylish work bags and patterned laptop sleeves to the office. Take adorable tote bags to the beach and backpacks on busy day trips. For a journey across the sea, choose a great travel clutch, while a vegan leather crossbody bag joins you for a night on the town.

Some items are convertible (with multiple strap options) or reversible (with two possible colors). When you open up your new bag, you may also find a pop of color. Additionally, this chic brand designs wallets, key wristlets, and other small items.

Find the Pixie Mood Handbag That Suits Your Style

URBANfusion carries Pixie Mood’s beautiful, on-trend, and vegan-friendly handbags at our location in Skippack Village. We also carry beautiful Wind & Fire, UNO de 50 jewelry, and PANDORA jewelry. To learn more about our selection of Pixie Mood handbags, call 888-895-1804.



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