PANDORA Jewelry Featuring the Wonders of Nature Available at URBANfusion

20th Dec 2017

We understand how much PANDORA enthusiasts admire beauty. This winter season, URBANfusion has all the up-to-date PANDORA charms online, as well as other jewelry and accessories. One trend highlight PANDORA focused on for their winter 2017 collection is natural wonders. In each piece for sale this season, heaven comes down to earth, with stars, planets, and constellations lighting up the fashion world with their wonders. The unique beauty of snowflakes provides a cool fashion statement and stays true to classic winter weather. Here are a few PANDORA pieces you can pick up this holiday season that will surely light up the love of your life.

Celestial Wonders Charm

As you get ready to head out to all the holiday get-togethers this year, make sure your outfit isn’t the only only thing in the holiday spirit -- your jewelry should be, too. With the PANDORA Celestial Wonder charm available at URBANfusion, the combination of angels, stars, and snowflakes on this sterling silver charm embellished with 14k gold emanates peace and serenity. This charm is completed with a “Merry Christmas” engraving, and makes for a perfect gift this holiday season.

Nature’s Radiance Charm

The eye-catching design of the PANDORA Nature's Radiance charm comes in an array of colors, including a classic royal blue color, making it perfect for all seasons. With the faceted royal blue stone wrapped in branch-like sterling silver lines and exquisite cubic zirconia leaves, there is so much to love about this wondrous charm.

Snowy Wonderland Charm

This collectible charm brings to life the true natural wonder of the winter season. From the snow covered landscape as snowflakes fall in the background, to a cute snowman and evergreen trees in the foreground, this charm pays tribute to the magic that surrounds this wonderful time of year.

Bright Star Dangle Charm

The Bright Star Dangle Charm allows your star quality to shine through. Inspired by the natural wonders of the cosmos, this charm can easily be worn on your PANDORA bracelets and necklaces. The blue-hued stones in this charm provide a dazzling look, and is a charm that any PANDORA enthusiast will truly love.

Find all of these and other gorgeous PANDORA charms for sale online at URBANfusion.



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