Celebrate Friendship With A Gift From URBANfusion

18th Jul 2017

At URBANfusion, a certified PANDORA retailer, we supply a multitude of beautiful gifts to celebrate a loved one’s birthday or just to show a friend how much they mean to you such as  PANDORA promise rings, unique charms, customizable bracelets, and so much more. We carry many pieces by PANDORA that include beautiful synthetic versions of the July birthstone, Ruby, that make perfect birthday gifts.

As much as we love PANDORA, and we know you do too, we also have plenty to offer from brands like Wind & Fire and Cottage Greenhouse. Check out a few of our selections below.

This July Birthday Gift Set, courtesy of PANDORA, comes with three shining sterling silver charms: a heart encasing a small synthetic ruby, a dangling birthday card, and one with the face of a lion. The set gives the recipient the option to mix and match the charms. She can wear the heart one week and the lion the next - or all three at once!

This 3-D Butterfly Charm Bangle comes courtesy of Wind & Fire. A butterfly goes through changes over the course of its life like few other creatures. Wearing the Butterfly Charm Bangle reminds the wearer that even when the journey gets rough, beauty lies ahead. It comes colored in gold or silver. All of their products are made in the USA using recycled materials, as noted by the three mini charms on the bracelet. And hurry! This is our last call for this item and many other Wind & Fire bracelets.

This Violette Fig & Black Currant Relaxing Bath Soak is brought to you by The Cottage Greenhouse. The honey-sweet fig brings forth an extract that aids in nourishing, softening and protecting your skin.

Epsom salts soothe sore muscles, relieve stress and aid in producing serotonin - perfect for a bath before going to sleep.

Using Vitamins A, B & C, as well as anti-oxidants, this soak also rejuvenates and revitalizes. It is free of both parabens and gluten and was never tested on animals.

For the finest collection of jewelry and other gifts like  PANDORA bangle bracelets, visit our online store to browse our complete catalog or find your closest URBANfusion location. Be on the lookout for our VIP Glamour Night a.k.a. Girls Night Out on July 20th at select locations as well as the brand new friendship-themed Pre-Autumn Collection courtesy of PANDORA.

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