Are You a Dreamer or a Queen? Tell Your Story with PANDORA Charms!

6th Mar 2018

What’s your story? Maybe you have one hometown or have moved around a lot. Maybe you are in love with someone amazing or are loving the single life. Maybe you are a nature lover or an indoorsy type. When you shop PANDORA online at URBANfusion, you tell your story with each beautiful, sterling silver charm that you choose.

Your unique personality will draw you to different charms. Are you a Queen, a Dreamer, a Lady Boss, an Adventurer -- or all four?


The Queen is devoted, compassionate, and nurturing. She always takes care of her family -- not just the family she was born into, but the family she has built. The Queen will love this adorable Family Tribute Charm by PANDORA. This sterling silver button charm has warm details in 14K gold. In this piece, the word “Family” is surrounded by hearts and bows, showing just how much the Queen cares about her loved ones.


The Dreamer doesn’t settle for ordinary, and she isn’t afraid to reach for her dreams. When life gets tough, her sunny outlook will light the way. The Dreamer is a true shooting star, so she can tell her story with the Bright Star Charm by PANDORA. This star-shaped charm features a fascinating mix of blue-hued stones inspired by the night sky.

Lady Boss

The Lady Boss is a natural-born leader. Her confidence, fierceness, and incredible charisma earn her plenty of friends and admirers. She is never afraid to make a statement, so she would naturally adore the PANDORA Red Stiletto Charm. This bold red shoe features a sterling silver stiletto heel and playful peep toe for a confident lady who isn’t afraid to show who’s in charge.


The Adventurer has endless curiosity and a thirst for adventure. She wants to see the world, and what better place to start than the Eiffel Tower? She can celebrate an iconic Parisian landmark with the elegant PANDORA Eiffel Tower Charm, and then, once she’s explored France, the Adventurer will quickly start planning the next step of her amazing journey.

Who Are You?

Whether you are an Adventurer or a Queen, you can tell your unique story with stunning PANDORA jewelry. Discover the charms that best represent you and your passions at



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